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Name: Rob Fox

Age: 31

Job Duties: Office Manager, Estimator

Time With Company:Since August of 1999

Time In Industry: 15Years

Favorate Beverage: Grey Goose Vodka

Current Vehicles: 1999 Ford F-250, 2002 Corvette, 1970 Corvette, 1988 Fiero, 1979 Harley Davidson, 1989 33' Fountain Boat & 1975 Beetle

Number Of Vehicles Owned: 25 And Counting

Favorate Movie: American Graffiti

Outside Of Work Hobbie/Activities: Boating, Riding Motorcycles, Spending Time With Family & Friends

Favorate Singer: Bob Seger

Comments: "Life moves pretty fast If you don't stop and look around once in a while your gonna miss it" ——Ferris Bueller

"LIfe's A Garden--------  Dig It" -------   Joe Dirt